Forms of Bail Bonds

There are different forms of bail bonds in the industry. These bonds differ or vary slightly depending on the type of jurisdiction. The state or city in which the bonding will be taking place will also determine the type of bail bond. These bonds are used in releasing a person from jail. They include federal bonds, cash bonds, surety bonds as well as immigration bonds. The method used in releasing an individual from jail is dependent on the type of bond. This article is going to enlighten you on the various forms of bail bonds and how to obtain them.

Surety bonds

This is one of the popular bail bonds. It is mainly used in releasing an individual from jail after an arrest. This is how they work: once the arrested person has been arrested and then taken into custody, a different person contacts a professional indemnitor to help in the bailing process. A form of collateral is included when computing the needed bail amount.

Collateral is required since the individual being bailed is likely to have an ongoing court stipulation such as counselling or drug testing which needs to be completed. Alternatively, the indemnitor will be required to be responsible for the entire bailing amount. The collateral is paid as a non-refundable fee by the person signing for your bailing bond. This amount is computed as a percentage of the total bail amount. This type of bail bond is very common.

Cash bonds

This bond is used when the defendant’s family member or a friend request to pay the bailing amount in the form of cash. The defendant is required or expected to meet all the probationary terms and conditions of the arrest once the bail is paid. This will include showing up to all the court hearings when the case is in progress. The cash paid will be returned in whole once the case is over. However, this bond is not recommendable since you will be required to raise a huge amount of cash (thousands of dollars).

This cash can be used to cater for other immediate or important needs instead of using it to release an individual from jail. This option is mainly preferred by the elite persons, professional athletes, and celebrities.

Immigration bonds

These bonds might sound self-explanatory to many people, but they are very complicated than you would think. What makes these bonds to be complicated is the fact they that deals with crimes committed by foreign nationals. These bonds are very expensive as the federal ones.

Federal bonds

These are special bonds used in federal crimes. They are used for crimes such as tax evasion, kidnapping, embezzlement, counter trafficking, bank robbery, counterfeiting, aircraft-hijacking and more. These bail bonds are very expensive.