Safety And Health Signs Used In Prison

street sign

All the public placed including clubs, schools, cinemas, restaurants, malls, hospitals, and hotels are supposed to be displayed with appropriate safety and healthy signs. Health and safety signs are meant to protect people from getting ill or harmed. These signs will enable people to take the necessary precautions. They play a vital role by keeping the users of these places informed on important matters concerning their behaviour, safety, hygiene, etc. In prisons, the inmates are always locked in their cells with tight security surveillance. The signs displayed in prison are mainly not meant for the prisoners. Visitors are always visiting the inmates on a regular basis.

no smoking sign

These signs will help them in reaching the different areas such as the visitor’s toilets, the visiting area and knowing where the fire exit points are located as any calamity can occur during their visit. The following are the important signs you will find in prisons. Some of them are well displayed to guide the visitors or what they can do and what they are not allowed to do while in prison.

  • No smoking signs
  • Follow procedure signs
  • Fire exit signs- They have arrows which point toward the safety exit
  • Parking signs for the visitor’s vehicles
  • Signs indicating that CCTV cameras are being used

Usage of different signs

You should not place the mandatory signs next to each other. They are more likely to lose their significance when placed close to one other. Is possible these signs should be well illuminated to ensure that they are seen clearly. The prison authorities have a responsibility of ensuring that the displayed signs are regularly cleaned.

exit sign

The prison stuff should ensure that all the signs are in place even when they are on rotation duty. Any prison which has more than one floor should have clear signs on each floor indicating its number. Other important signs which should be displayed on each floor are the fire alarm signs. These signs should indicate where the fire alarm is located. Just in case of any emergency including fire outbreak.

Prisoners are also prone to accidents and illnesses. This means that prison staff should have access to the medical aids including the first aid kits. The staff on duty should contact the nearby local hospital when the illness or accident is serious. Prisoners are also entitled to proper health care or medical attention.

Signs meant for the inmates

It is a requirement for all the prisoners to maintain a high level of hygiene. Some of the important signs which need to be posted in the prison‘s public areas include “no noise,” “no litter,” and “keep clean.” These signs should be posted in areas where inmates gather such as the dining and bathing areas.