The Credibility of TESDA Online Programs

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TESDA Online program is a program offered by the Philippine Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. This authority is a Philippine government based initiative that was formed with a mandate to provide technical education and skills through the internet to its Citizens who live in the diaspora.

The statistics

I will bring forth the advantages of tesda online courses for ofw as we continue with thestatistic record discussion. But before that, it is important for me to let you know the population of the Philippine citizens that live away from their mother country. Here are the statistics;

1. Saudi Arabia – 1,020,000
2. Spain – 115,362
3. Sweden – 13,000
4. Italy – 128,060

These are the numbers of the Philippines who are currently in the diaspora. And if you look at it, you will know why the Government had to start TESDA online courses.

The advantages

Now, I will briefly describe the advantages associated with these programs. First, the program allows scholars to undertake courses at their own pace. Remember, the targeted population is those who are working. Therefore it is advantageous to them because they can do the courses whenever they have time.

Secondly, the duration of the courses is short. The longest training will only take a couple of months and not years. This gives the trainees an opportunity to register and undertake more training that will compliment their skills.

Thirdly, Registration of courses is simple. No technicalities. What you need for enrollment is a good computer, be a high school graduate and a stable internet connection only. You will not be discouraged with a lot of documentation required.

Fourthly, there is a wide range of courses offered on the online portal. You will only select a course of your choice from the list provided. This has given the scholars a chance to train courses that match the skills they intend to acquire.

boy using a tabletBesides the advantages enumerated above, if we look at the programs offered by this authority, you will find out that they are in line with the fourth industrial revolution which is the current era. For example, in the information and technology sector, the courses offered include; 3D digital, Smart switch lecture series and Computer systems servicing are an innovation in this Fourth industrial revolution era. And you will realize that most business enterprises and firms that have embraced these technologies are making supernormal profits and have been able to overcome competition from the other organizations.

The intent of this article was to unravel information about the credibility of online training for the workers of Philippines who are in diaspora. You are then asked to register to acquire skills that are required to compete favorably.